Choices Stories You Play- Incredible path to get free Keys and Diamonds

In the era of the digital world, every human likes to play games, and lots of games are available online store. In this digital world today we come with wonderful game Choices Stories You Play. It is the worldwide popular simulation game. If you are a story lover and like to read the story, then it is the best opportunity for you. It is available on both google play and apple app store. For playing the game internet required because it is the online game.

How to earn currencies-

In the Choices Stories, You Play two types of major currencies are available diamonds and keys. These both are used to unlock the new stories and chapters. With it, you cannot play the game and unlock the stories so by trying Choices Cheats. It is not easy to obtain but with the help of some paths you make it possible. If you want to earn the currencies the here, some information or ways are available.

  1. For beginners-

If you are a beginner and first-time login to the game, then you will get some rewards. This reward is called as the welcome rewards. In the game, you will get some diamonds and coins receive as the rewards. If you log in with Facebook, then you will get some extra rewards and features. It means your autosave option unlocks and you are also able to share stories with friends.

  1. Daily refill-

If you have not sufficient amount of keys and diamonds to play the game then after 3 hours currencies will refill. It means you will get free keys and diamonds after 3 hours. So always wait to obtain the free coins.

  1. Read stories-

We know very well in the game lots of stories and chapters are available. When you complete the one story, then you will get free rewards. You are not able to replay the stories so try to read in the first time and get the rewards immediately.

  1. Complete the tasks-

In the stories lots of missions are available. Via complete the missions and stories, you obtain some coins. Some questions are also asked by stories.