Simcity BuildIt- how to keep the people of the city happy?

Every one of you may have heard of the most demanded game of the era Simcity BuildIt Hack. It is one of the best and the most demanded game developed by EA-ELECTRONIC ARTS. It is one of the most played game weather it is android or iOS device. Simcity BuildIt game is one of the most interesting stimulation games that have led it to increasing demand.

In this game you have to make your own city and develop it and build more and more buildings. This will help you to attract more and more citizens to live in your city. As you build more and more building you will start increasing your level. Once you start reaching higher level more and more different types of buildings will open and you can make more 3D buildings which will make your city look stunning.


Points to consider

The most important part of the game is to keep the citizens of the city happy. The user has to keep the citizens of the city happy and make sure that he they stay out of problems and keep the city arranged. It is the duty of the user to keep the people satisfied. Here are some of the important things that can help you in doing it.

  • If you have ever played the game then you will see that there is a happiness counter on the left side of the screen which shows the happiness of the people of the city. This meter works in percentage so if the meter reaches 100 it means that the people are really very happy and love their mayor. On the other hand of the meter is not good then it means that you have a lot of issues standing.
  • As you know that this game is real life stimulation so you have to keep proper arrangements of the clean water, low crime rate, and electricity. Along with this, also make sure that the fire station and police station is doing its work in the best way. Not only this, you have to make sure that you hear what the people of your city are saying. You have to take care of all the issues in the city and keep it perfect as you are the mayor of the city.
  • It is really very important that you understand the people of your city and make sure that you know their wants, likes and dislikes. You have to have an arrangement for everything that is needed in the city. Weather it is a hospital, or any other daily life need.

These were some of the important things that you can do so that you can easily keep the people of your city happy.